10 Reasons to Join


10 Reasons to Join Lloyd Cycle Station

You are probably used to locking your bike to the first bike rack you can find but wouldn’t you rather park it somewhere secure? The LCS can only be accessed by key card, which means that only other bike lovers like yourself will be around your bike.

Just imagine how relaxing it will be to not have to worry about your bike being stolen!





The LCS is all about ease and keeping it simple. Your bike can easily be stored on one of our hundreds of bike racks and all those locks you used to have to used can be stored on our lock bar.


Your bike doesn’t like to be left out in the rain. When you keep it parked in the Cycle Station, your bike stays dry and clean.

Our bike parking facility is easy to get to and has two different entrances. This makes parking your bike easy and quick. You don’t need to worry about searching for an empty spot in a bike corral because we have spots waiting for you in the Lloyd Cycle Station.

While it rains more often than not in Portland, the weather in the summer can get hot. That’s why we have an amazing shower facility so you don’t have to walk into work a sweaty mess.

Sometimes things break or just need a little tune up. The Lloyd Cycle Station has a do-it-yourself bike repair station inside so you can make sure your bike is in perfect shape.

It rains a lot in Portland, right? Your bike probably needs a good clean every now and again which is why LCS has a dedicated bike wash station for you to use. That way, you and your bike can always look your best.

Not everyone is as amazing as you, because you ride your bike to work! You are helping the environment and yourself when you choose to use your bike. That’s why the Lloyd Cycle Station was made, for people like you who want to be better and be healthier.

Parking is expensive. Cars are expensive to maintain. So why not ride your bike to work and pay $15 a month to park your bike? Everyone wants to save money right? Better yet, sign up for the shower room and your total cost will still be so much cheaper than a parking stall for your car.

The Lloyd Cycle Station is the only kind of bike parking facility of it’s kind in Portland. Sign up now and experience for yourself all the benefits of being a member!

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